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Young Faculty Win Grants and Prizes

SOURCE :     TIME:2020-11-12

Recently, good news about young faculty’s winning in various grants and contests come in succession.

On Aug. 30, the 16th China Youth Science and Technology Award was announced and Prof. Guo Wei from College of Construction Engineering was awarded. This award is initiated in 1987 under the suggestion of the older generation of scientists like Qian Xuesen and Zhu Guangya. The award is launched every 2 years, and each time less than 100 winners. The award is established by Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of P.R.C. and China Association for Science and Technology. It aims to select outstanding young academics nationwide.

The grant of National Natural Science Foundation 2020 is announced recently. Prof. Zhang Wen is on the list and obtains Outstanding Youth Science Foundation. The Outstanding Youth Science Foundation is intended to support the young scholars, who have achieved prominent results in fundamental research, to choose research orientations independently and initiate innovative research, and thereby cultivate a group of promising backbones of the frontier science and technology in the world.

On Sept.22, The 5th Gu Dezhen Award was announced, and Prof. Song Shengyuan was awarded. The award is launched every 2 years by Engineering Geology Commission, Geological Society of China, in honor of Prof. Gu Dezhen, a pioneering geologist and member of Chinese Academy of Engineering. It aims to award young talents who have made outstanding contributions in engineering geology. This is the second time for the faculty to win the award, and Prof. Zhang Wen is the winner of the 2nd Gu Dezhen Award.

In addition, Prof. Li Xiaolin, Prof. Zhang Min and Prof. Song Shengyuan win the 1st Prize, 3rd Prize and Honorable Mention in the 9th Teaching Contest of Young Teachers at Jilin University respectively.