Chen Baoyi, Professor, master advisor.  Mainly engaged in the research of directional drilling and shallow geothermal drilling, etc. Published two textbooks and more than 30 papers.  Undertaken and completed 5 projects of National Natural Science Foundation and nonprofit sector funds of Ministry of Land and Resources, received one First Prize of Higher Education Achievement of Jilin Province.  He is one of the panelists of the “Excellent Engineer Training Program” of the Ministry of Land and Resources.

Wang Qingyan, Professor, master advisor.

Wang Gangcheng, Professor, master advisor. Research areas: geological engineering, geotechnical engineering.  He took charge of one project of general program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and completed one major project of National Land Survey, responsible for more than 20 provincial and regional projects.  He proposed the "infiltration clogging" theory and research methods in the field of geotechnical seepage deformation.  And he obtained two national invention patents.

Zhang Xiaopei, Professor, master advisor. Director of Institute of Engineering Technology of Jilin University, member of China Geological Society, overseas member of Geophysical Society of Japan.  He has been engaged in the research of geophysical prospecting instruments and engineering equipment testing.  He won a third prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, two second prizes of the Science and Technology Achievement of former Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, and a first prize of State Oceanic Administration Innovation Award.  He undertook two National 863 projects and several provincial projects.

Niu Jianjun, Professor, master advisor. Research areas: application of geophysical exploration methods to geological engineering.  He is mainly engaged in the research of testing theories, test methods, data processing methods of the elastic wave, electrical and electromagnetic aspects and the development of related equipment.  Taken charge of one National 863 Project during ‘the 11th Five-Year Plan’, and participated in one 863 project during the “Tenth Five-Year Plan”.

Li Xin, Professor, master advisor. He is mainly engaged in research of field monitoring of permafrost and geotechnical engineering.  He is an evaluation expert of both Nature Science Foundation of China and the Jilin province natural science fund commission.  He has published three professional teaching books, one monograph and 23 papers, in which 5 were indexed by EI.  He has also undertaken 9 large projects, one major project of the Ministry of Communications and 5 large projects of Jilin Transportation Department.

Fan Jianhua, Professor, master advisor. Major research areas: urban environmental engineering geology and planning, early stage consolidation theory of the marine reclamation soil.  He has taken part in one major research project of national natural science foundation, 5 general projects.  He received 1 first prize of provincial teaching achievements, 1 second prize of provincial scientific and technological progress and published more than 40 papers.


Qi Wei,Professor, master advisor.  Major research areas: Rock mass mechanics. He teaches such courses as Engineering Geology, rock mass mechanics and so on. Published 3 textbooks, took part in more than 10 national and provincial research projects, published more than 10 research papers and 6 teaching theory papers.

Dai Shulin, Professor, Master advisor.  He works mainly on construction method and theory research of the tunnel and underground engineering, analysis, evaluation and control measures of slope engineering stability, evaluation and research of large diameter pile foundation bearing capacity and integrity.  Took part in many provincial projects, published 3 textbooks and more than 10 papers.

Qiu Jianhui,  Professor, Master advisor.  Her main research direction is geological disaster prevention and control and geological engineering testing technology.  She took part in two “863”projects, received a second prize of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and a second prize for science achievement of the former Minitry of Geology and Mineral Resources.  Also, she took charge of 4 scientific research projects with research funds of over 1 million Yuan, published more than 30 papers and compiled a textbook Introduction to Engineering Construction.

Wang Qinghua, Professor, Master advisor.  A member of the Wind Energy and Solar  Energy Society of Jilin Province.  Her main research field is concrete structure and prestressed concrete structure, exploitation and utilization of the renewable energies like geothermy and solar energy, oil shale electric heating technology.  She took charge of 3 provincial research projects and more than 20 other projects with research funds over 6 million Yuan.


Jin Ying-Yu,Professor, master advisor.  Director of Mechanical Association of Jilin Province, Vice President of Korean Women's Association of Changchun. She has been engaged in teaching mechanics for more than 30 years, including the courses of Engineering Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Elastic Mechanics, Elastic-plastic Mechanics, Plastic mechanics and so on for both undergraduate and graduate students. She participated in one project of national Natural Science Foundation, 13 lateral technology projects, 6 teaching and research projects, and published more than 10 papers; obtained one second prize of the university teaching and research project, and one second prize of outstanding teaching textbooks.

Yang Zhao-Hua, Professor, master advisor. Vice director of Mechanics Association of Jilin Province, national outstanding teachers of mechanics. His main research direction is engineering mechanics.  He has been engaged in teaching theoretical mechanics and engineering mechanics, participated in compiling elastic-plastic mechanics for graduate students, and he published more than 20 papers.

Zheng Yi-Feng, Professor, master advisor. He has been engaged in research of long-span bridge design theory and construction control technology research, including evaluation of bridge load capacity and durability, teaching and research of highway bridges and tunnels design, etc.  He has undertaken more than 10 research projects, published more than 30 research papers, some of them were EI-indexed.  He won the one second prize and one third prize of Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, one third prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award from Ministry of Communications, and won the Good Design award in Jilin Province twice.

Chen Li,  Professor, master advisor. She is engaged in geological engineering teaching and research. She has published more than 30 research papers, three of them indexed by EI.  Having completed projects of Fushun 1:5000 geological map issued from  Senior Officials Forum of the State Council, geological survey of Red River Nuclear Power Engineering and slope stability evaluation; won a first prize of the Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.

Xu Hui-Wen,  Professor, master advisor. He has been engaged in research and teaching of engineering geology and drilling technology for years.  Undertaken and completed multiple projects of the drilling technique under special conditions, foam drilling technology, onshore gas hydrate exploration technology and other projects. He has received a number of provincial and ministerial research and teaching achievement awards, and participated in compiling geological engineering textbooks, published more than 20 research papers.

Wang Maosen, Professor, master advisor.  He has been engaged in teaching and research of drilling engineering.  Having conducted intensive research on the basic theory of impact rotary drilling, drilling technology and technology development and application.  He participated in more than 20 provincial and ministerial projects and lateral ones, and one provincial key project; won three provincial awards; and published one textbook.

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