doctorial tutor

Yin Kun, Professor, doctoral advisor, candidate of “National Talent Project”, outstanding talent of Century-crossing of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Land and Resources.  For many years he has been engaged in research of the theory of multiprocess impact-gyration drilling technique and method of drilling technology, as well as the development of related products.  He conducted intensive study on the mechanism of reverse circulation drilling, internal working theory of hydraulic impactor and pneumatic down-the-hole hammer, and impact rock drilling mechanism.  Undertaken and completed more than 40 national, provincial and international cooperation research projects.  He has won 11 national, provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.

Sun Youhong, Professor, doctoral advisor, elected talent of the new century’s “national talent project”, receiver of the state special allowance from the state council, higher-education young teacher awardee of the Ministry of Education. His main research areas include continental scientific drilling, bionic drill, hydrate and the oil shale drilling technology.  He is the principal investigator of a national research project, won a second prize of the National Teaching Achievement, 3 first prizes and 2 second prizes of provincial and ministerial Scientific-technological and Teaching Achievement.  He has more than 40 national patents, published more than 190 papers, 5 textbooks and monographs.

Zhao Dajun, Professor, doctoral advisor.  Mainly engaged in geological drilling equipment and drilling technology research of complicated stratum. Taken charge of and participated in 15 provincial and ministerial research projects, participated in 3 major national research projects, taken charge of compiling of 5 textbooks and monographs, published more than 50 technical papers, completed 9 teaching research projects, received 4 national patents, received a first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Land and Resources, two second prizes of provincial and ministerial Science and Technology Achievements Award and 5 provincial and school level of outstanding achievements.

Chen Chen, Professor, doctoral advisor.  Mainly engaged in the teaching and research of geological engineering and geotechnical engineering.  His main research directions include drilling technology of new energies, new technology of rock crushing, polar construction technology and the construction technology of geotechnical engineering, etc.

Peng JianMing, associate professor, doctoral advisor.  Mainly engaged in research of the multi-process percussion-rotary drilling technology and the exploration technology of natural gas hydrates.  He has taken charge of 5 research projects funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Land and Resources and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, and participated more than 20 research projects funded by 863 Program, China Geological Survey, Jilin Provincial Science & Technology Agency, Sinopec and CNPC.  He has published more than 30 papers, including 3 SCI papers and 12 EI papers.  He won an award of second prize of Science and Technology from Ministry of Land and Resources, and the Youth Silver Hammer Award of the 12th Geological Society of China, and has been selected in the first batch of Land and Resources Talents Training Program for young talents.

Li Guangjie, Professor, doctoral advisor.  One of the experts of geological disaster prevention emergency of Ministry of Land and resources, Deputy director of Jilin Province Committee for Disaster Reduction Committee of Experts.  He has achieved fruitful achievements in many aspects such as the investigation, evaluation, management, zoning of the sudden geological disasters like collapse, landslide and mudslide, etc. He also has many achievements in construction projects of geological hazard assessment, restoration and protection of mine geological environment.  Received a second prize of textbooks of colleges and universities in Jilin Province, and a second prize of teaching achievement in Jilin Province.

Chen Jianping, Professor, doctoral advisor.  He was also appointed as the Honorary Professor of Russian State Geological Prospecting University and Southwest Jiaotong University. Mainly engaged in teaching and research of natural geological hazards, specialized in rock structure 3D network numerical simulation technology; published 63 papers indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP, in which 11 SCI-indexed papers, 59 EI-indexed papers; won 2 second prizes of Land and Resources, and a Natural Science second prize of National Science and Technology Award nominated by Ministry of Education, and 2 second prizes of Education Progress Achievement of National Science and Technology Board.

Wang Qing,  Professor, doctoral advisor.  She was appointed as a Visiting Scientist in the Institute of Atomic Mechanics of Japan Science and Technology Agency in 1999.  , She was also appointed as a lifelong Honorary Professor of Russian State Geological Prospecting University In 2009 and a part-time professor at Southwest Jiaotong University in 2010.  She is the current deputy director of National Engineering Geology Committee.  She is mainly engaged in research of special soil geology, having completed a number of projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, published more than 240 papers, and more than 67 papers indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP, achieved the second and third prize of the provincial ministries and technological progress for eight times.

Wang Changming, Professor, doctoral advisor. Major research areas: engineering characteristics and formation mechanisms of special soil, stability of rock soil media and geological disasters.  He won the Youth Science and Technology Silver Hammer Award from the Geological Society of China, Youth Science and Technology Award of Jilin Province, exemplary teaching award of Jilin university, and three provincial and ministerial third prizes for science and technology progress.

Zhang Yanjun, Professor, doctoral advisor. Major research areas: Flow thermalization-rock mechanics coupling; the development of hot dry rock and the geothermal evaluation; geological storage of carbon dioxide; rock-soil thermal properties; the special soil properties in coastal zone. He won the youth geology science and technology prize of the Geological Society of China.  He took charge of and participated in about 20 projects of national “863 Projects", NCFS, provincial and ministerial projects.  He has published over 40 papers and compiled multiple standards and codes.

Nie Lei,  Professor, Doctoral advisor.  Excellent teacher of Jilin province; excellent teacher for foreign students of Jilin province; first batch of provincial outstanding expert; deputy director of the Northeast Rock Mechanics and Engineering Society and ten more part-time professional affiliations.  Receiver of the state council special allowance.  His main research direction is Geological engineering and geotechnical engineering.  He took charge of more than 40 research projects of both national natural science foundation, provincial and ministerial science and technology, published 4 monographs and more than 100 papers, received 12 provincial and ministerial research awards, 1 second prize of national teaching award.

Qian Ming

Professor, doctoral advisor; Tang-Ao-qing distinguished professor. Major research interests: microstructure and properties of metallic materials, grain boundary engineering and electron backscattered diffraction(EBSD),materials welding and joining technology, and laser materials processing. His current focus is on aluminum alloy drill pipe for deep drilling and material strengthening technology.

Pavel Talalay, the distinguished Professor of the “Thousands of people plan”, doctoral advisor.  Research areas: complex strata drilling technology, the polar science, mining engineering.  He has participated several international polar inspection tasks and has rich experience and profound academic attainments in permafrost drilling and the polar ice caps sampling drilling technology. He won the Gold Award of thirty-third Geneva International Invention Exhibition (2006) and the first place in the international contest of three-dimensional computer modeling(2009).

Alexey Markov, Professor, doctoral tutor. Introduced as an academic backbone in December 2011. His major research area is in Geological Engineering.  Professor Markov participated in the Antarctic and arctic expedition several times. He has great achievements in the polar ice sheet dynamics research and geophysical research practice of the polar ice caps deep drilling system.

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