About us
About us

The college of construction engineering was established in May 2001, on the basis of merged Exploration Engineering discipline and Hydrogeololgy and Engineering Geology discipline of the former Changchun Geological Institute, whose long history can be traced back to 1952.  The college consists of 7 departments and 8 research institutes, with 138 teaching and administrative staffs, among which there are 13 doctoral advisors, 30 professors, 29 associate professors, as well as 30 adjunct professors.  There are 2209 students of all levels.  After 60 years’ development, the college is characteristic in multiple aspects.


Superiority in majors and disciplines

In the college, there are 2 such undergraduate disciplines as Prospecting Technique and Engineering and Civil Engineering; 5 master sections in Geological Engineering, geotechnical engineering, disaster prevention and mitigation engineering, Structural Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering; 2 engineering master sections in Geological Engineering, Architectural and Civil Engineering; 2 doctoral sections in Geological Engineering and geological disaster prevention Engineering; a postdoctoral research station in Geological Resources and Geological Engineering.  Among them, Prospecting Technique and Engineering is a first category national characteristic discipline, Civil Engineering is a provincial major discipline, Geological Engineering is a subordinate discipline of the national major discipline, Geological Resources and Geological Engineering is a first - class discipline of the national major discipline.


Talent Superiority

The college now employs 2 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 distinguished professors of the national “Thousands of People Plan”, 2 distinguished professors of "Cheung Kong Scholars", 2 gainers of the national outstanding youth fund, 1 elected personnel of the first- and second-grade of the “National Talent Project”,  1 national candidate of new century’s “National Talent Project”, 6 receivers of the state special allowance from the state council, 1 century-crossing talent of the Ministry of Education, 1 higher-education young teacher awardee of the Ministry of Education, 1 young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions of Jilin province, 2 scientific and technological talents of Jilin province, 3 outstanding experts of Jilin province, 3 Tang-Ao-Qing distinguished professors of Jilin University.


Platform Superiority

In the college, there are currently three ministerial key laboratories: the Open Research Laboratory of the Drilling and Digging Technology under Complicated Condition of the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Engineering Research Center of Geothermal Resources Development of the Ministry of Education, the Key Laboratory of the Earth Information Detecting Instrument of the Ministry of Education. Besides, the college contains three university grade research centers: the Polar Research Institute of Jilin University, the Industry-Academia-Research-Application Innovation Base of the National Potential Oil and Gas Resources, Geological Exploration and Development of Unconventional Collaborative Innovation Center. In addition, the college also contains the education demo-center of exploration technology and engineering and education demo center of civil engineering of Jilin province.


Superiority in international cooperation

The college has launched long-term cooperation on scientific research, academic communication and personnel training with more than 20 universities and research institutions which located in Russia, the United States , the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Japan , Korea, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and other countries and regions.


Superiority in scientific research

In recent years, the college has undertaken and completed more than 200 various research projects from the National “863”Program, National Natural Science Foundation, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Jilin Province, China Geological Survey Bureau and so on.

Besides, the college has won more than 10 national level and provincial and ministerial level scientific achievement awards; applied and got approved more than 50 domestic and international patents; published more than 200 SCI- and EI-indexed papers; published more than 30 textbooks and monographs.  The majority of the scientific achievements are at the domestic leading level or advanced level; part of achievements reached international advanced level, all of which have been directly applied to productive practice.

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