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Workshop on Groundwater Flow and Reactive Transport Modeling

SOURCE :     TIME:2019-06-07

On June 6, 2019, Workshop on Groundwater Flow and Reactive Transport Modeling was held at Jilin University (JLU). At the invitation of Prof. Dai Zhenxue, Dean of College of Construction Engineering, JLU,  Prof. Wang Zhenming and Prof. Alan Ernest Fryar, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Kentucky attend the workshop and exchange ideas with the faculty and students.

In the welcome speech, Prof.Dai Zhenxue expresses warm welcome to professors from University of Kentucky, and gives a brief introduction of the college.

Prof.Alan Ernest Fryar gives a lecture entitled “Geologic Controls on Groundwater Flow and Chemistry at Multiple Scales in the Mississippi Embayment”and Prof.Zhang Xiaoying delivers a lecture named “Modeling Flow and Reactive Transport of Radionuclides in Multi-scale Fractured Rock”. Then faculty and students have a heated discussion on research and methods in relevant fields.  

Both sides hope to strengthen communications and interactions on frontier issues,  share research results for inspiration, and push forward substantial scientific cooperation.